I'm Back, Baby!

I'm Back, Baby!
Photo by Patti Black / Unsplash

I am officially back in Canada, settled at my workstation with a fresh mug of coffee and a brain full of ideas.

After weeks spent wandering beaches in the sun, it feels strange to be back in the chilly north. A few weeks spent vacationing with my in-laws and some family friends made for a great—if occasionally stressful—time.

Organizing a large pack of people with varying interests is like herding cats.

While I'm somewhat sad the trip is over, I'm also pleased to be back home and able to get my hands back on the keyboard. The hardest part about being away was forcing myself to rest my brain and not spend my free time typing.

My fiancé was very helpful, often gently reminding me that I needed the break. Stopping to yell, "Don't do anything work-like!" at me as he walked out to run an errand might have been a bit much, though.

Although I might have been tempted to sneak in some research if he hadn't, so I guess I'll give it to him.

At any rate, a lot seems to have happened in the time that I've been gone. Trump's trial is ongoing; there have been mass protests over Palestine, increased tensions in the Middle East between Iran and Israel, and the constant barrage of election-year shenanigans in the States.

I have a lot to catch up on, so my plate will be pretty full for the next couple of weeks as I delve into the catastrophic mess. Bear with me.

Put up your feet, have a cookie, and sip some coffee or tea. Make yourselves comfortable while I crack my knuckles and get back into my groove.

The World-Weary Writer is home, rested and refreshed. Time to get tired again!

Solidarity wins.