Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines
I know, we're all tired here. Let's try and keep it cozy.

Part of the joy of working on my own space is that I get to set my own rules.

Moving here from my previous platform was sparked by a lack of moderation. Part of the entire problem was that there was no effort being made to prevent bigotry, spamming, trolling or harassment. It was left up to the users to try and keep their own spaces clear.

On their home site, that wasn't a problem. But on other comment sections, or the community discussion pages, there was nothing being done at all.

The whole reason I came here was because I wanted to create a comfortable, cozy place to hang out that would be safe, open, and inviting...and would have a zero-tolerance policy for hatred.

In light of that, let's cover some ground rules.

Be respectful. Differences of opinion is fine; debate isn't harmful. But what I will not tolerate is trolling, threats, harassment, bigotry, or bullying behavior.

You can have a difference of opinion about how to solve an issue. You cannot have a difference of opinion about whether human beings deserve rights.

There will be no anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination. We celebrate Pride in this house.

There will be no racism. That includes slurs and derogatory comments.

There will be no explicit content that isn't suitable for minors. I can't age-lock this place, so anything that goes outside the bounds of reasonable discussion will be removed.

There will be no ableism. That includes, again, slurs and derogatory comments.

There will be no ageism. There will be no hating on people based on the number of years they have lived on this world.

There will be no hate symbols or links leading to websites attached to hate groups. I will be checking links that people post. I will not be lenient if I see it.

There will be no discrimination based on religion. I don't care if you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, Atheist, Satanist or Hindu. Freedom of religion is respected in this place, full stop. Hate based on religion will not be tolerated.

There will be no sexism, or discrimination based on gender. I'll be keeping an eye out for misogyny and misandry, as well as transphobia.

Try to keep things on topic if you can. I know that we're all prone to getting off on tangents; I'm autistic, my brain is all over the map. I get you. But if you're in a discussion in a particular comment thread about a specific topic, let's try and keep it going that way.

If you see something hurtful or against the rules being posted, you can click on the three little dots next to a comment. There should be a 'report' button there. More than likely I've already gotten an email that people are commenting on a post, and I'll come swooping through to sniff out any problems anyhow.

Lastly, please be patient with me. I'm steering this ship on my own, and even insomniacs like me tend to fall asleep eventually. If I don't respond to something right away, don't panic; I'll get to it as soon as I'm able.

I'm a one-woman moderation team. It's a rough gig, but I'm going to do my best by all of you.

Please, please, please make my job easy!