Florida Fascism: DeSantis Won't Be President

Florida Fascism: DeSantis Won't Be President
Photo by Done By Alex / Unsplash

The election year is rolling on with agonizing slowness.

We've already seen a couple of people drop out on the Republican side, which isn't surprising at all. I never believed there was any serious chance that someone would successfully primary Trump, not with his name in the news at all hours and soaking up every single headline like a sponge.

Controversy is how he pulls his big wins. Nothing new there.

But while I didn't expect anything from his primary opponants, I have to admit that I'm relieved by one of the drop outs nonetheless. Ron DeSantis has gone back to Florida with his tail between his legs.

I'm sure Florida is miserable to have him back, but it's better he stay out of the way instead of spreading his poisonous talons out to infect the entire country.

DeSantis poses a problem. And it's not the kind of problem that goes away on its own. Rather, it's the kind of slow-growing tumor that can creep back and devour you if it's left to its own devices.

My readers will already be somewhat familiar with the situation in Florida, but for those who aren't, suffice to say that the state is currently a testing ground for right-wing extremism in the United States.

The man's policies are virulently racist, anti-LGBTQ+, and generally misogynistic as well- Ron has hit every mark. He's declared his home state to be, 'where woke comes to die'.

Trying to ban Pride flags, re-writing history curricula to teach children that slavery was 'beneficial' to Black people, and various other heinous shenanigans have become his stock and trade.

Here’s a look at the most contentious legislation DeSantis has signed leading up to his presidential bid
From a six-week abortion ban to his feud with Disney, the Florida governor made national waves even before announcing his presidential campaign.

Don't get me wrong, Donald Trump cannot be allowed to have a second term. But at least the man is old and at the end of his time.

DeSantis is young enough that he and his disastrous human rights abuses will be around for a terribly long while. The main danger with Trump was always that he paves the way for the next ambitious power-hungry wannabe dictator. He's not smart enough to achieve everything the far-right wants, but his actions will make the pathway easier for them in the future.

If you think I'm overstating how dangerous things are right now, let me introduce you to Project 2025. It's the Republican plan for what happens after they elect a right-winger to the Presidency this year, assuming they succeed.

Project 2025: Democratic Doomsday - Berkeley Political Review
Forget Trump. Project 2025 is the greatest threat to democracy we have seen in our country’s history. The 1000-page plan, written by Trump-era Republican groups, demonstrates once again the devastating effects partisan polarization can have on our country’s political stability. With the upcoming presidential election only a year away, voters aren’t the only groups mobilizing.

Project 2025 is essentially a second coup attempt, disguised as a simple plan of action for the first 180 days of the next administration.

The idea behind it is to dismantle the checks and balances on the people in power, and to replace people in key positions with loyal Conservatives who won't balk at the unconstitutional.

It would essentially turn the office of the President of the United States into a dictatorship with a small army of loyal administrative goons.

Having it be carried out with Trump as the figurehead would be bad enough. Having someone like DeSantis in charge would be even worse. But either way, the end result is the end of free democracy in the United States of America. At least, the form of democracy that they currently have.

Preventing Project 2025 from getting off the ground needs to be the primary target for all of us this year, no matter what side of the fence you're on. If you care about freedom, the rights of your fellow citizens and the people of the world, this plan cannot be allowed space to start rolling.

It is a boulder that will crush everything in its path if it's able.

Solidarity wins.