Pride And Other World-Weary News

Pride And Other World-Weary News
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Another turn of the wheel has come and gone; once again, it is time to celebrate.

Happy Pride Month, everyone! It's time to delve into LGBTQ+ rights and history and celebrate belonging, acceptance, and love. In honor of Pride, I'll dedicate the whole month to discussing these issues in depth.

In fact, I'll be doing something similar with every month going forward. Let me explain.

World-Weary is experiencing some growing pains. I have a list of ideas that I'll be working on incorporating into the website, and a good bit of expansion will be coming down the pipeline—new pages, new content, the whole shebang.

I'll even finally set up an actual landing page when I figure out how.

I've been working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes, making plans for the future and learning how to set everything up through the platform that hosts the World-Weary site. Along the way, I've been reconsidering how I handle topics for the Missive and Unfiltered.

For the past while, I've been choosing topical and current topics to discuss, and that sometimes leaves me scrambling with a lack of ideas. That's not a great way to run things, though, and it's more stress than I really need.

So, moving forward, I'm going to try a different tactic.

From now on, I'm going to choose a topic to cover for the entire month. I'll use each edition of the Missive as an opportunity for discussion and education on that topic, a collection of miniature deep dives.

The Unfiltered micro-podcast will still be based on current events, as it always has been. But from now on, the episodes will focus on stories that illustrate the theme of the month in a practical way. You'll still hear me curse like a sailor and get personally hyped up by injustice, as always; it'll just be more focused.

For the website expansion, I'll be doing similar things. Once I've got all of my ducks in a row, I'll be adding new pages to the main site.

You'll start seeing pages dedicated to specific issues that I'll be discussing in the editions of the Missive. LGBTQ+ issues, the problem of police culture, disaster relief, etc.

I plan to have each page act as a resource. It'll contain general information, links to Missive posts that discuss the problems, and a section with charities and other organizations that are dedicated to solving them.

They'll stand as one-stop shopping hubs for you to check back on if you want to spread the good word about a good charity. I'm always open to suggestions for charitable organizations to research, too!

World-Weary has always been about attempting to build a community. I'm still learning how to do that, and I'm looking for ways to improve upon the ragged foundation that I've built over the past year.

I'm excited to see how things shake out in the future, and I hope you'll all be here to explore those changes as they come out.

Solidarity wins.

If you're interested in adding to your library at home, don't forget to take a look at the World-Weary reading list. The books on this list cover important topics in the fields of politics, human rights and environmentalism- so far!

I keep adding to this list as I do my own reading; I just added Robert O. Paxton's wonderful The Anatomy of Fascism to the politics section, as an example.

All of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means if you purchase any of these books through my list, I will gain a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Books About Important Social Issues
This is a list of books that I recommend to my readers on World-Weary. These books cover social issues and important topics about human rights.