Liechtenstein: The Land of Beauty And Good News

Liechtenstein: The Land of Beauty And Good News
Photo by Henrique Ferreira / Unsplash

It's time for some good news.

We've had a rough year so far, which is especially fun because we're only halfway through 2024 and so much is happening that it's difficult to keep track. So much of what we see in the news is dire and hard to swallow.

So when I see some good news, something that inspires a little bit of hope for humanity, I feel the need to share it. And today, we have just such a story.

Liechtenstein has become the 22nd country in Europe to legalize gay marriage.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking. "Where the hell is Liechtenstein?"

If you know that already, you're probably thinking, "Great, the ten people in Liechtenstein must be celebrating!"

The country is what's known as a micronation, and it boasts a population of around 40,000. It is small, and it really doesn't have much in the way of world influence, but it is still a country with its own laws and governance.

And now, they are a beacon of progress in light of the rampant homophobia taking root across the continent.

Liechtenstein legalizes same-sex marriage in near-unanimous vote
The microstate is the last German-speaking country to introduce marriage equality.

It's not the grandest news I could give, but every step we take towards a better world is a step we must celebrate.

I also have some fun news with regard to World-Weary as a whole.

First, I'm making good progress with the World-Weary Guide to Dogwhistles. I'm solidly in the editing phase of this beast, and it's coming along nicely.

It's written in ink mixed with my blood, sweat and tears, so I hope you all are excited for it to go live! There's still more work to do, but it's much further along than it was at my last update.

And in other news, I've managed to get myself on to Benable.

Benable is an invitation-only site that allows you to form brand partnerships for the sake of affiliate marketing. Think Pinterest, but you get paid a little commission if people purchase something through your link.

I've been having fun building lists to recommend things that I personally like, but I've also built a list of books that I think my readers here at World-Weary would enjoy.

I'll be adding to it over time as I collect and read more, but as of right now, the reading list is still small. I personally own or have read the books on the list, and they are all well worth the read.

If you see something you like on the reading list and you opt to purchase the book through my link, I'll receive a few dollars at no additional cost to you.

Books About Important Social Issues
This is a list of books that I recommend to my readers on World-Weary. These books cover social issues and important topics about human rights.

Solidarity wins.