Donald Trump is Arriving at the Courthouse

It's about to happen.

Donald Trump is Arriving at the Courthouse
Photo by Sean Ferigan on Unsplash

It’s happening. Donald Trump has arrived at the courthouse, and he is about to be arraigned and face the opening moments of his hearing.

The indictment against him will be unsealed, and we will soon hear all of the charges that he’s going to be facing in court. We are witnessing history being made.

Trump’s presidency was marked by chaos, infighting, and a complete breakdown of decorum in the political system of the U.S.

It’s not surprising that his arrest has been marked with the same kind of reality TV blathering and grandstanding. His supporters are panicking, they’re threatening, they’re cajoling anyone who speaks favorably about the rule of law.

Accusations are flying that Trump is being persecuted on the basis of his political standing, and not simply being held accountable for his own actions.

I hope that everyone present in New York city today can stay safe. I hope that violence doesn’t break out, and everyone remains civil in spite of the incendiary nature of this case.

Donald Trump was a horrible president, he was an awful businessman, and he is facing the results of his own decisions. There are consequences when you do something wrong, and he is finally being reminded of the fact that he can’t escape justice forever.

How Trump is going to respond to this arraignment is anyone’s guess, but we can bet that it won’t be responsible. He has a habit of hyping up anger and resentment in his supporters, and he’s already posted on his social media that he doesn’t view the judge overseeing this case as impartial.

He has his people on the edge of a knife, ready to launch a mob. We saw what happened on January 6, we know what Trump is capable of. We know what his followers, the most loyal members of his base, are willing to do when their messiah is perceived to be treated unfairly.

As I type this, Trump is making his way into the courtroom. His face is stern, and his expression is tense. For once he did not make a scene for the press, he didn’t try to project a sign of strength.

Perhaps, for once, the gravity of the situation has finally gotten through to him.

We’ll see how long that lasts.