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Andrew Tate and the Manosphere

Andrew Tate and the Manosphere
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Another day, another set of handcuffs for Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan.

If you don't know who Andrew Tate is, first things first- can I borrow your brain? I'll give it back, I promise. I just want to experience life without knowing about this toxic manchild. I'm sure it's so relaxing!

Tate is one of those deeply problematic grifters that make waves on the internet these days. He's an influencer who preys on men with fragile egos, playing on their insecurities and constructing an image of 'alpha male' success for them to aspire to.

Basically, he is one of the many faces of what's referred to as the 'Manosphere'.

Online misogyny: the “manosphere” | CMHR
Digital misogyny is on the rise. Why do some men and boys get drawn into – and even seek out – extremist influencers and groups?

There is a growing trend online where some particularly fragile men seek to radicalize one another. They reject the pillars of feminism, the ideal of equality between all genders and sexes, and they promote the notion of 'traditional masculinity'.

It's all about cars, money, muscles and women. Specifically, it's about scoring as many one night stands as possible and being the king of whatever metaphorical castle you pick.

No emotion is permitted, and if you cry then you're a weakling.

Tate is one of those jerks that preaches the doctrine of toxic masculinity, where women are sex objects and your highest achievement is getting laid as often as possible. Success is tied to your wealth and prestige, your status in society.

Unsurprisingly, his content is virulently misogynistic and deeply homophobic.

Also unsurprisingly, he's facing extradition over allegations of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and rape.

Andrew Tate faces extradition to UK over rape and human trafficking claims
Tate and brother Tristan arrested on warrant issued to Bedfordshire police but released while case in Romania concludes

It's important to note that the rape allegations in particular will likely not go to court. Unfortunately, the charges date back several years and the evidence for prosecution doesn't meet the burden of proof for the UK's legal proceedings.

Even so, both Andrew and Tristan are mired in a deep legal hole in Romania as well as in the United Kingdom. If they are found guilty, we can hope that some measure of justice will be granted to their alleged victims.

Andrew Tate's followers are enraged over this entire debacle, insisting that he's being persecuted because, y'know. 'Woke moralists can't handle the truth' and all that nonsense.

They don't care about the people that have been abused, they only care that his image of being a successful businessman isn't tarnished.

Andrew Tate is a ridiculously high-profile social media personality. Despite having been kicked off of multiple platforms due to his overt and inexcusable misogyny, he continues to drum up support amongst young men who feel entitled to women's bodies and attention.

He's also hypocritical as hell. Despite his doctrine of 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am', he voices disgust aimed towards women who engage in active sex lives with multiple partners.

He goes so far as to insist that women are the property of the men they date.

That we exist to be girlfriends, virginal women are ideal for wives, and that we should be 'nurturing our femininity' and putting our focus on being homemakers and mothers.

At the same time, he has said, and I quote: Your man is not loyal, he just can't get other women.

In short, women are beneath men and that's where we belong.

Why do so many men listen to what he has to say? Well, he couches this awful attitude amongst platitudes that seem harmless and inspirational. On the surface, many of his quotes seem to promote a healthy self-image.

"Accept yourself. You don't have to prove shit to anyone but yourself."

"Success isn't about what you accomplish, it's about what you inspire others to do."

"The biggest risk you take is not taking any risks at all."

Sounds good, right? Sounds like he's got shit figured out. Sounds like he's somebody you can trust to teach you how to live your life. Then he turns around and says that women bear responsibility for being sexually assaulted; that's the message he's sending to boys and young men about success.

His brand of misogynistic manhood is infectious, and it's spreading through the younger generations like wildfire.

‘We see misogyny every day’: how Andrew Tate’s twisted ideology infiltrated British schools
A year ago, most teachers had never heard of the ex-kickboxer and social media influencer. Now, his toxic machismo is the talk of the playground – and the staffroom

The manosphere is full of personalities like Andrew Tate.

It is comprised of Incels, old school chauvinists, and overt male supremacists. It is comprised of men who think that the problem with the modern world is that women dared to step out of the kitchen, and that made everything go sideways.

To them, the world is unbalanced because women are no longer in our place. They seek to put us back there with abuse, cruelty and even legislation.

For those of my readers with children, especially boys, it's a good idea to be proactive. Teach your girls that men like this exist, and teach your boys that the way those men think is unacceptable and wrong.

For the sake of everyone in the world, be they straight, cis, gay, trans, ace, non-binary or bi- it doesn't matter. We all stand to suffer when this sort of prejudice is allowed to flourish.

The best way to stamp it out is to pull it up by the roots and ensure it doesn't get passed down to the next generation.

Solidarity wins.