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A Sad Update

A Sad Update
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A few weeks ago, I included a little bit of information about my personal life in a Wednesday post.

I tend not to do that too often, as I like to focus on the big problems facing the world in the Weary Missive. It felt very relevant though, on the subject of giving thanks and facing the colder months with the gravitas that they call for.

I'm going to give a tiny peek behind the curtain once again, and sadly it isn't for good news.

My rescued senior dog, Shiloh, has sadly lost her battle with cancer. We lost her over the weekend, after her health took a sharp turn for the worst. She went from playful and full of energy to barely able to keep up with us, seemingly out of nowhere. We're still a little bit in shock.

It has been a rough few days for us, and I'm not back to normal yet. I'm finding it difficult to sit down and write up my usual weekly work, and I hope that my readers will forgive me for that.

As I'm writing this, it's the day before Samhain. The festival lasts through the night of October 31st and continues on through November 1st. It's the beginning of the new year for people of my faith, and an important time of remembrance for those who have passed on.

I am not the only one who has lost a loved one this year, not by far. There are people losing loved ones every single day. Whether it be from ill health, from conflict, from an accident or just the passage of time, we lose friends and loved ones with every turn of the sun.

With wars raging around the world and the lingering effects of Covid-19, we've all had more than our fair share of grief this year.

Here's hoping the next year will go easier for us. And if not, here's hoping that we have the strength to face those challenges head on.

Forgive me for my melancholy personal story, guys. I'm feeling especially Weary this week.

Solidarity wins.